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Microbial activity monitoring for drinking water - San Jose Water

The SENTRY team are very happy to select San Jose Water as one of the Top 5 Smart Water Projects of 2020.

The work with San Jose looked at using the SENTRY bio-electrode monitoring solution for improved understanding of microbial activity in drinking water distribution systems.

There is a requirement for the protection of public health through the suppression of microbiological growth in the distribution network. The efficiency of removal / suppression of microbiological growth currently requires the use of residual chlorine analyzers for measurement.

This comes with a relatively high cost and provides data that is one step removed from the key goal of the water treatment professional – suppression of microbial activity.

The key question San Jose and SENTRY asked was - Could a bio-electrode sensor provide an in-situ reading directly from the biofilm?

Can this inform operators in real-time when biofilm growth is taking place and how to more effectively dose disinfectant chemicals?

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