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SENTRY selected for Urban Water Challenge 2020

SENTRY has been selected as one of the winners of the Urban Water Challenge by Imagine H20 and 11th Hour Racing for 2020.

The Urban Water Challenge supports novel technology startups with innovative business models that improve urban water sustainability. By providing financial support, visibility and introductions to jumpstart innovation projects, the Challenge creates critical proof points to incentivize wider adoption – and, in doing so, helps build water resilient cities.

The 2020 Challenge is the third annual global competition that provides up to $275k in Deployment Awards to fund solutions to pressing problems.

The SENTRY team have partnered with SABESP and a leading wastewater consultant (Daniel Nolasco) to deploy sensors at 4 WWTPs around São Paulo. These deployments will service upwards of 21 million people. This work is key to supporting existing World Bank funded optimization efforts to save costs related to proposed > $4Bn expansion of these facilities.

The key goals of this project are to monitor and identify industrial effluent and profile the impact of toxicity and changing organic load on WWTP performance.

From an SDG perspective we are working to help our consultants to target improvements related to SDG 6.3 and SDG 6.6 with key outputs that include:

(1) Reduce toxic shock events and reduce plant effluent issues.

(2) Aeration optimization opportunities providing cost saving at 4 WWTPs in Sao Paulo.

(3) Demonstrate process optimization that can equate to Capital Construction cost savings in region of ~ $1Bn

(4) Validate the SENTRY tool as a unique monitoring and optimization tool for more broad application in improved wastewater treatment.

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