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Anaerobic Digestion

Is digester souring and expensive downtime affecting your biogas production?

Wish you had reliable, real-time insight into your digester’s organic loading?

Want a no-touch monitoring solution that does all this for as little as $40 a day?


At SENTRY, we’ve solved the process monitoring problem with our

bio-electrode sensor platform that detects VFAs for industrial, agriculture, F&B, municipal, and co-digestion facilities. And what’s different about our robust sensors is that they are mounted right in the effluent or recirculation lines of digesters, uniquely providing a minute-by-minute signal indicating the health of the microbial population degrading the wastes.

See SENTRY in Action



San Rafael, California

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The SENTRY monitoring signal can be used to optimize biogas production while maximizing volatile solids destruction. By integrating our signal in your process control strategy, you can produce the most value from the digestion process.    


When used as part of an advanced control strategy, our metabolic performance monitoring platform provides a unique measurement of biological activity that can be used to control pumps and valves and can simplify the design of feedstock mixtures to maximize key performance indicators.

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“SENTRY sensors showed us an upset event several days before our traditional sampling metrics gave us a warning. This several day warning could be the difference between us losing a digester or not.”
Peter Kistenmacher, Technical Service Manager,
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