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SENTRY’s Top 5 Projects of the Year.

This past Thursday, SENTRY held its annual Top 5 Smart Water Projects webinar, where the team celebrated outstanding clients who are using the SENTRY Signal to provide value by making decisions based on the reliable real-time signal. The SENTRY Signal monitors consumable BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) (mg/L) in real-time, ensuring that users have an early warning of organic overloads or toxic shocks. That allows them to take early actions to optimize their treatment performance.

Effectively using the SENTRY provides value by offering insights into variable loading, then and working with SENTRY to diagnose and solve problems. Facilities can make operational changes based on the incoming loads to divert to an EQ tank or adjust treatment approaches to best address the real-time changes in loading.

Big congratulations to this year’s top 5 winners - we are pleased to work with them to support their long-term goals.

If you are interested in learning more reach out to the SENTRY team through our contact form.

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