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Our Story

Hi! We’re SENTRY and we’ve pioneered a biology activity and water quality monitoring platform that provides real-time microbial performance data in locations never possible before. From untreated, variable wastewater at a treatment plant’ headworks (consumable BOD) to fluctuating anaerobic digester (AD) biomass (consumable VFA), our robust bio-electrode sensors provide early-on, always-on insights into biological processes that exist wherever water is used, stored, or treated. This means our municipal and standalone AD customers around the world now have the data they need – when they need it – to optimize treatment and outputs while saving money and energy along the way.


SENTRY was created nearly 10 years ago by Dr. Patrick Kiely, an experienced environmental microbiologist who saw a technology need while doing post-doctoral research into the first remote solar power-packaged wastewater treatment plant. At the time, the team needed a good way to monitor treatment performance but couldn’t find anything to actually change treatment based on influent conditions. Traditional measurements only focused on outcomes or lagging indicators, like BOD or COD. There was nothing available for operators that could DIRECTLY measure the health and activity of the microbes – the very thing that has the greatest impact on treatment – until SENTRY was created.

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Pat winning  Canadian Water Steward of the Year 2023

Who are our Customers?

Over 170 facilities and 650 operators around the world currently rely on our sensor platform to better understand biological imbalances and optimize their processes.  

Sample Facilities Around the World Using the SENTRY Sensor Platform


What's Our Mission?

At SENTRY, we’re on a mission to improve the environment and make the world better by helping plant operators make smarter decisions when it comes to their water and wastewater.


How are we going to do it?


By installing our biological activity and water quality monitoring platform in as many advanced water, wastewater, and anaerobic digester (AD) processes in the world establishing us as the Gold Standard for metabolic performance optimization. We know we have our work cut out for us, but we are committed to making important biological processes more intuitive, controllable, and predictable in our quest to help improve the environment.

“I've walked into our plant and to find our oxidation ditch turned grey, and by then it's too late. I know I'm better protected because SENTRY gives me the early warning I need to take action.”
Carle Groce, Plant Superintendent,
Frankfort, KY
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