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Gruppo Iren, Genoa, Italy

Updated: Feb 28

Iren operates a wastewater treatment plant for the municipality of Ronco Scrivia, in Genoa, Italy. They came to SENTRY™ seeking to have a better understanding of the organic load entering the plant.

Through collaborating the team was able to show to be a good real-time proxy of organic loading entering the plant. SENTRY identified weekly, daily, hourly and post-precipitation events in the signal profile. The SENTRY Signal, also interpreted as Consumable COD, allowed operators to gain additional understanding of the changing demands on the system. This helped operators understand optimal times and days for maintenance down times and when to maximize performance from their aeration basin.

Based on energy cost information, labor and the plant's own information, SENTRY™ estimates that just the reduction in sampling and avoidance of upset events alone, the plant has a potential savings of between €45k and €60k per year.

The facility has 2 layers of protection with sensors at the influent of the plant. ​Some changes remain to be implemented in the sampling frequency and in the integration of the SENTRY™ signal to the plant SCADA to optimize the benefits offered by SENTRY™. ​ As of now, the operators see significant potential in improving the reliability of their aeration automation system.

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