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Influent Monitoring


Other Wastewater Applications


Energy Optimization


Clean Water Applications


Anaerobic Digestion Optimization


In a municipal environment, the SENTRY™ platform is deployed in several ways. In a wastewater treatment facility, our sensors are used to monitor influent to the facility, processes within the treatment facility, and effluent discharged to the environment. Communities that receive a significant contribution from commercial and industrial customers have found that deployment in a sanitary sewer system helpful. In those situations, the community can detect and eliminate toxins entering the system and can enhance fund revenue by capturing the variability of organic discharges. 

Another municipal application is monitoring stormwater. Used in this way, SENTRY™ can provide information about land use and zoning that effects stormwater characteristics. When used before stormwater management infrastructure is designed, it can provide the designers with a baseline of pre-construction conditions. After construction of improvements, it can help the community assess the impacts of the improvements to the aquatic environment. When used as a monitor of raw water quality, the SENTRY™ platform assists the water treatment operator by providing an indication of the treatment processes needed to produce a drinking water that meets all regulatory requirements. The signal from our platform is used to adjust chemical dosing equipment, disinfection processes and can be an indicator of when and how frequently water mains need to be flushed to preserve water quality at the ends of the distribution system.

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