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Influent Monitoring

The most challenging part of treatment facility operation is a lack of clear knowledge of the characteristics of the wastewater being treated. The SENTRY™ platform provides a real-time insight into the organic matter present and provides the operator with an opportunity to make process changes to reduce electrical consumption and chemical costs.

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SENTRY™ can detect changes in the influent that can adversely affect treatment facility performance. Sudden changes to influent characteristics can lead to effluent violations, impaired water quality standards, and public scrutiny of facility operation and management.

When used as an investigation tool, the SENTRY™ platform can help identify users that may be contributing high concentrations of organic wastes that are interfering with plant performance. When placed in a monitoring manhole, our sensors can detect off-spec wastewater and can trigger a sampling event. This reduces the overall labor effort needed to control discharge into the sanitary sewer system. 


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San Francisco PUC Installation

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