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Other Wastewater Applications

While most initial SENTRY™ installations are in the primary influent or primary effluent streams in a conventional wastewater treatment facility, after learning of the potential value of the SENTRY™ platform, some owners turn to other, internal processes to improve facility operation.​

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A factor that has limited further improvement is the lack of real-time data about the concentration of organic matter in the wastewater. SENTRY™ has now removed that limitations using our proven bioelectronic sensor platform. Operating personnel now know the actual oxygen demand based on our sensor data and can respond in real time to changes to influent characteristics, like organic slug loads and toxic or inhibitory compounds.​

SENTRY™ provides a minute-by-minute signal that can be used to control equipment used in wastewater treatment processes. These signals can adjust aeration and return solids flows in a feed-forward strategy to minimize aeration energy and reduce greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide. ​


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