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SENTRY showcased in Treatment Plant Operator for Charlottetown Wastewater Treatment Plant monitoring

The SENTRY installation at the Charlottetown WWTP was featured in the Treatment Plant Operator Editorial for May 2019. For this reoprt the editor reached out to the plant manager to ask questions related to SENTRY and why it was helpful to a better understanding of their treatment plant performance.

Charlottetown WWTP

One of the key quotes from the Q&A

TPO: What observations have you made based on the information?

MacEwen: It (SENTRY) can show us how our BOD drops on a rainy day when we see I&I. Or, if someone dumps something into our system that they shouldn’t, we can detect that with the sensors. For example, a dairy processing facility had an accidental discharge, and we could see that BOD load come through. It helps us understand what is happening. You can see a bump in the BOD load, and that helps explain why you may be having trouble downstream.

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