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SENTRY deployment with San Francisco PUC, wastewater treatment facility - Aeration optimization


The system was installed at the San Francisco PUC, wastewater treatment facility in April 2019. Installed by on-site wastewater technicians in a location suitable for monitoring influent wastewater and to characterize the wastewater subsequently entering extended aeration basins. SENTRY was chosen as it was considered a low-maintenance solution that could provide a real-time signal on wastewater quality and the activity of the biomass.

“The sensor has been really useful and we are developing a good correlation between the COD mass loading and the MET data. Our next step is to use this to further automate our oxygen feed rate to the aeration”

Quote from Manisha Berde, Environmental Engineer, San Francisco PUC

Key Findings:

(1) Analysis of data creates the potential to leverage extended data sets and use SENTRY to optimize control and aspects related to aeration

(2) Rainfall events have a significant negative impact on microbial activity.

(3) MET signal tracks Carbon loading very well which can be used to assist in operations and aeration optimization.

(4) Key daily and weekly patterns on influent loading are demonstrated.

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