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SENTRY deployment success

Our SENTRY platform for providing real-time monitoring of biological activity has now been commercially available for 12 months. In this time we are very happy to work with early customers across North America, Europe and China.

Real-time biological monitoring for water and wastewater treatment systems.

In our first 12 months of commercial activity we have deployed 30 SENTRY systems across 5 Canadian provinces, 5 U.S. states, in 4 different European countries and China.

This is a remarkable achievement for a new product in the water or wastewater treatment space and speaks to the global interest in robust, real-time monitoring of biological activity.

Our current breakdown of customers is 60% municipal and 40% industrial (high-strength) biological wastewater treatment.

For municipal wastewater treatment we have sensors located at the influent to treatment facilities providing an alerts based system to trigger operators to potential incoming wastewater conditions that could result in system imbalance or toxic shock. The information we provide through the sensor platform is compementary to existing on-site manual sampling however over time can be used as a replacement to 80% of non-regulatory sample analysis. The technology can be used as a significant improvement over traditional BOD / COD manual measurements. With industrial wastewater treatment operators our sensor platform functions a significant improvement to in-line TOC and / or manual VFA analysis.

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