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How to monitor wastewater conditions in the collection system? SENTRY validated in Phoenix, Arizona.

Monitoring water quality in wastewater collection systems is challenging. The distributed network and poor access requires any deployed sensor to have a very low maintenance requirement.

Traditional real-time water quality sensors require regular cleaning and calibration that limits their effectiveness in these environments.

Current manual monitoring cost per site = $100,000 / annum

The key question our team and Western Environmental asked was - Could a bio-electrode sensor provide an in-situ reading directly from the collection system to estimate wastewater organic concentrations with minimal maintenance?

Some of the key results from the deployment:

- Sensor Inspection / Cleaning = Once every 6 months.

- Clear trending and correlation to traditional light-based COD measurement.

- Additional statistical analysis demonstrating weekly trending and patterns.

- $90,000 savings over conventional monitoring solution

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