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How to monitor biological activity in wastewater treatment systems - Jack Ambler explains!

Jack Ambler (VP of Engineering) at Island Water Technologies presents SENTRY technology to wastewater industry leaders at the Isle Utilities Technology Approval Group (TAG) meeting in Europe.

In this presentation Jack provides an update from SENTRY deployments in 2018 to an audience of wastewater professionals from facilities across Europe.

SENTRY is a bio-electrode sensor platform where we support wastewater treatment plant operators by providing real-time microbial metabolic activity and correlations to BOD to a custom online dashboard. With our municipal or industrial anaerobic digestion clients we use the microbe data for:

· influent load / fluctuation monitoring

· toxic shock monitoring and identification

· nutrient bioreactor monitoring

· monitoring of anaerobic digestion performance

· real-time BOD or TOC correlations / monitoring

· effluent compliance monitoring

The talk introduces the SENTRY platform with an explanation of how the bio-electrode sensor collects metabolic activity data from microbial biofilm positioned in locations through-out the wastewater treatment process.

The presentation provides insights on the value of the data and online dashboard through case studies of anaerobic digestion and municipal installations.

The base technology includes all sensor hardware, a customized online dashboard, operator training and 2 detailed reports per annum. With a distributed network of treatment systems or large treatment facilities, clients use the technology to monitor performance of various locations from a central location. In 2018 we deployed commercial systems deployed in North America, Europe and China and were selected as part of the prestigious Imagine H20, top global water companies.

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