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SENTRY team meets AD clients in Europe, China, Canada and US!

The SENTRY wastewater team have spent the last 4 weeks travelling the globe and meeting with industry leaders across Europe, China and North America.

We started in Munich at IFAT with fantastic visibility in being located as part of the Innovation Pavillion.

Moving from here we had our partners at ALCLE represent us again in the Innovation Pavillion at Aquatech China.

IWT team at Aquatech China

Moving from here Dr. Patrick Kiely brough the technology to Vancouver to present it to the industry experts at BlueTech Research 2018. To attend the event the technology was selected as one of the top 14 global innovative water solutions.

Dr. Patrick Kiely, CEO, Island Water Technologies

To cap off our 4 weeks of client discussions our VP of Engineering is currently attenting ACE 2018 in Las Vegas. A key focus for this event is adding new channel partners and end-users that are interested in

- improved solutions for monitoring the performance of anaerobic digestion systems

- understanding real-time BOD in aerated wastewater streams

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