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SENTRY adds Chris Morrison to the board of directors.

Contiuned success in SENTRY deployment and a growing sales pipeline triggers strategic addition to the Island Water Technologies board of directors.

Chris Morrison joins the IWT board of directors with a focus on supporting SENTRY deployment to the wastewater industry.

Island Water Technologies (IWT) announces the appointment of Chris Morrison as a new member of their Board of Directors. Mr. Morrison joins IWT with the purpose of expanding the firm’s technical and commercial capacities with a focus on increasing growth of the SENTRY product line.

Mr. Morrison is a renowned water expert with deep experience in wastewater technology and commercial business development. After a 35-year career with Ecolab/Nalco on commercial/marketing and technical team, he has been specializing the last 2 years in helping management teams seize new technologies and market growth in the water and wastewater sectors.

“Mr. Morrison has spent his career in commercial roles in the industrial water-tech field and his distinct knowledge will perform an essential role in supporting our fast growth for this largely untapped investment sector,” said Patrick Kiely, CEO of IWT. “His expertise is highly complementary to IWT technology adoption in municipal, decentralized and industrial wastewater sectors as an industry and commercial subject-matter expert".

“I am proud to join the growing IWT team of professionals and board partners. My key goal is to add unique value to their SENTRY devices to improve the operations of water and wastewater plants,” said Chris Morrison, Board Member, IWT.

“There is a huge need for new tools to improve the operations and reduce the huge blower/electrical costs of waste plants. IWT has the right team and new technology to make a difference.”

Island Water Technologies (IWT) is a fast-growing global technology leader in the area on of optimizing waste water operations. The firm specializes in modular, solar powered treatment solutions along with unique sensors that can provide specialized feedback to optimize the operations of microbial metabolic activity in the anaerobic and aerobic wastewater treatment systems.

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