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Food and Beverage

An emerging application for SENTRY™ is monitoring the wastewater from food processing industry. Most foods and beverages contain carbon compounds, in the form of sugars, starches, or alcohols. Our sensors can detect these compounds and help a food processor to understand, minimize, and control wastewater. This new knowledge is used to reduce product loss, increase revenue and manage costs.​

Whether the industry treats their wastes directly, or pays to have someone else treat the wastes, understanding the practices that impact waste concentration is a valuable piece of information that can increase profitability and market share.

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Whether the food product is based on grain processing, protein extraction, or fermentation, SENTRY™ can provide the real-time data needed to control the industrial process equipment that transforms raw materials into finished products. We work with your industrial engineers to provide data to reduce waste and lower the treatment costs.​​


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