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Our Technology

Are biological imbalances keeping you awake at night?

Wish you had earlier, real-time insight into your wastewater’s metabolic activity so you could adjust operational processes before it’s too late?

Want an inexpensive, no-touch monitoring solution that does all this and saves you money and energy in the process?

Then you’ve come to the right place. Think of our sensor platform as a “heart rate monitor for biology” that uniquely provides minute-by-minute snapshots of the treatability of your water or wastewater. Our robust microbial fuel cell-based sensors drop into the most challenging situations and for months without maintenance or cleaning required, highlight microbial activity variations, organic matter degradation, and process upsets which can guide your operational decisions for better treatment outcomes. What’s so unique about our sensors is that the same biofouling that makes other sensors fail in these challenging situations is what makes SENTRY sensors work so well.


System Installation

SENTRY™ can be installed in both in-line or drop in locations.

Contact us to discuss your site specific objectives.


In-line Installation

The in-line sensors are installed and connected through a 1.5” NPT fitting into a pipe with at least 2” diameter. Typical installation for a single probe is in the recirculation line of the anaerobic tank, but if sequential tanks are present - for hydrolysis, acidogenesis etc. – a probe installation in each tank is recommended.

Kingston Plant 6.jpg

Treatment Plant 

Typical SENTRY™ installation locations in a wastewater treatment plant.


Clean Water Cycle


Drop-in Installation

SENTRY™ can be added to existing tanks and systems. Custom mounting solutions can be provided for each install location and environment if required.


When we say
low maintenance, 
we mean
low maintenance.

Installed 18 months apart;
no touch, no clean, no drift
6 months later.

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