SENTRY is a real-time bio-electrode sensor that allows for the monitoring of microbial metabolic activity in the anaerobic and aerobic wastewater treatment systems.
The problem faced by industrial water treatment systems? 
Imbalance Events
System imbalance and failure can cost thousands of dollars per event to fix. 
Toxic Shock
 Imbalance or toxic shock events can impact microbial activity. Reducing impact on system performance.
Poor Performance
Aggregation of data and integration with existing water quality and process information provides unique insights into system performance over time.
The                          Solution
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The system

SENTRY leverages bio-electrochemical sensor technology to relay bio-activity (metabolic activity) of the microbiology to the wastewater system operator. This data allows operators to continually monitor the microbial stability (health) of their wastewater treatment process. Furthermore, this data can be leveraged with other water quality and operational data to improve/optimize system performance. 
Data produced from the sensor can be used to:
1. Predict process upset via instability in microbial metabolism
2. Correlate fluctuating bio-electrode output to system input / process / operational events
3. Aggregate data to determine daily, weekly, and monthly performance patterns

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