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We care about the environment and making the world better through smarter decisions in treating water and wastewater. 


SENTRY is a robust real-time biological monitoring platform allowing operators to understand imbalance and optimize their processes. 

SENTRY will be installed in every advanced water and wastewater process in the world by 2040. 



Make biological processes – intuitive, simple, and controllable.  We want to be the standard for real-time monitoring and optimizing in water and wastewater treatment processes.  


We care, all of our actions depend on caring  

  • We put ourselves in other’s shoes.  

  • We care about our employees so our employees can care about our clients. 

  • Work is not everything and people need to be healthy and able to succeed outside of work. 

  • We care about the quality and security of our work. 

  • We care about equality of opportunity and inclusion of thought, origin, and way of life. 

  • We understand that change is difficult. 

  • We are reliable and honest. 

  • We are respectful and professional with others time by showing up on time and ending meetings on time 


We have a bias toward positivity when interacting with other 



Our Team

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