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Clean Water

Is water safety and environmental health keeping you up at night?

Wish you had a reliable, real-time way to monitor organics and more effectively treat and disinfect your water?

Want a no-touch monitoring solution that does all this for as little as $40 a day?

Calculate the Value a SENTRY System Will Bring to my Facility

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At the beginning of the water cycle, our biological activity and water monitoring sensor platform provides value to users. Whether the "beginning" is stormwater falling on hard infrastructure, or impoundments used as source water for drinking water treatment facilities, our signal can help identify anticipated impacts of those waters.


Additionally, our sensor platform is used to monitor lakes and streams that provide recreational opportunities for the communities where they are located. Placed in natural bodies of water, our robust sensors can help a community assess the impacts of urbanization, manage runoff, and protect those valuable natural resources.​


As part of a Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) facility, our sensor platform can provide real-time data about the quality of water as it leaves the combined sewer, making the process of CSO management more cost-effective, while minimizing impacts to the receiving stream.​


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Case Studies

Case Studies

Typical SENTRY Sensor Installation Locations
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